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Ajvick Exports Pvt. Ltd. ( AEPL ) today has been successfully supplying a wide range of apparel to Scandinavian countries. AEPL was established in the year 1991 by  brothers Ajay and Vikram Hinduja.

Till date both the active directors are responsible for the day to day working of the organization in person. It is this personalized touch of Ajay and Vikram in serving Scandinavia that has offered them success in the apparel Industry.

With a highly integrated team of professionals, right from sampling stages to execution of orders to logistics we guarantee complete satisfaction to our customers spread across Scandinavia.  

At AEPL we strongly emphasize on systematic management of man and material, rigid quality control which in turn help us to supply not only high quality merchandise but cost effective too, on  time.

Competitive pricing, timely deliveries, management of man and material, team work and high quality articles  are the core values inculcated in our strong team of 35 at AEPL since the very beginning.

We have in house production facilities and factories under our personal supervision. All shipments have our personal care, attention and follow up .

Our team of Merchandisers and Quality Controllers ensure our customers are completely satisfied with fabrics used, accessories involved, measurement specifications, value additions and above all fit,  all involved to construct the final product.

We at AEPL hope that the pages in which we have showcased our products and special effects used on our articles  will give you substantial information about our products and services. 


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